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Lysholm-style blowers can be nearly as efficient as their centrifugal counterparts over a narrow range of load/speed/boost, for which the system must be specifically designed.

As discussed above, supercharging can cause a spike in temperature, and extreme temperatures will cause detonation of the fuel-air mixture and damage to the engine.

It wasn't long before the supercharger was applied to custom racing cars, with the first supercharged production vehicles being built by Mercedes and Bentley in the 1920's.

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Until the late 1920s, all automobile and aviation fuel was generally rated at 87 octane or less. This is the rating that was achieved by the simple distillation of "light crude" oil.

Inter-cooling makes no change in the density of the air after it has been compressed. It is only removing the thermal energy of the air from the compression process. i.e. the inter-cooler only removes the energy put in by the compression process and does not alter the density of air, so that the air/fuel mixture is not so hot that it causes it to ignite before the spark ignites it, otherwise known as pre-ignition. Two-stroke engines[edit]

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These antibodies have been detected in at least one third of MMN patients. More recent studies also suggest that newer tests for antibodies directed against GM-1 combined with a number of related gangliosides, are positive in over 80% of MMN patients. Thus, there are increasing reasons to believe these antibodies are the cause of MMN.

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The term supercharging technically refers to any pump that forces air into an engine - but in common usage, it refers to pumps that are driven directly by the engine as opposed to turbochargers that are driven by the pressure of the exhaust gasses.

Turbochargers suffer (to a greater or lesser extent) from so-called turbo-spool (turbo lag; more correctly, boost lag), in which initial acceleration from low RPM is limited by the lack of sufficient exhaust gas mass flow (pressure). Once engine RPM is sufficient to raise the turbine RPM into its Maravilhas da terra designed operating range, there is a rapid increase in power, as a higher turbo boost causes more exhaust gas production, which spins the turbo yet faster, leading to a belated "surge" of acceleration. This makes the maintenance of smoothly increasing RPM far harder with turbochargers than with engine-driven superchargers, which apply boost in direct proportion to the engine RPM.

Larger engines usually use a separate blower for scavenging and it was for this type of operation that the Roots marketing MiltiNivel blower has been utilized. Historically, many designs of blowers have been used, from separate pumping cylinders, 'top hat' pistons combining two pistons of different diameter the larger one being used for scavenging, various rotary blowers, and centrifugal turbo-compressors, including turbochargers. Turbocharging two-stroke engines is difficult, but not impossible, as a turbocharger does not provide any boost until it has had time to spin up to speed.

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